Looking for new music to spice up your usual playlist? Here are five bands that will make both your ear-holes and eye-holes very happy. Check out these artists that are guaranteed to make you thirsty AF. 



1. Mothxr

Mothxr, is the 80s synthpop-meets-robotic-R&B band you didn’t know you needed in your life. “Touch” is a broody, guitar-light, synth-heavy track with a hook that is so catchy it may actually shock you. Bonus! The video features Dan Humphrey (Penn Bagley is the band's frontman) in eyeliner and a leather jacket, so get a glass of water and prepare yourselves, people.




This Florida-based duo will have you salivating as their latest mellow electronic-rock track “Monster” buzzes through your earbuds. This is the perfect song to quench that thirst for a chill, messily melodic sound from two cute, floral-clad Floridians. If you dig them as much as I do be sure to enter to win a vinyl and other merch

If you dig them as much as I do be sure to enter to win a vinyl and other merch here!


fka twigs


3. FKA Twigs

Baby-voiced goddess, FKA Twigs, has blessed us with another avantpop track, “Good To Love.” It is the swirling, hypnotic blend of beats and her sweet soprano we have come to know and love from this artist.


4. Shamir

Electronic dance-pop genius Shamir is fun, funky, and the perfect sound to wet your whistle to this Thursday. “In For The Kill” makes the best use of clarinet in any dance anthem I’ve heard. His tracks are bubbly and frothy and catchy as hell. Not to mention he rocks that septum like nobody's business.


5. The Prettitots

This NYC duo is the chill, snarky ukelele playing badasses that will have you humming along with their simple yet robust tunes. “18 Wheeler” off their debut album Funs Cool is the angst-ridden lo-fi acoustic track you need to mellow out your thirsty Thursday. 

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