Seattle-based self-described “whoa-pop” progressive punk group Gazebos’ debut album Die Alone is out today, and here at BUST we're thrilled to premiere their new music video. The band formed in 2014 and have been known in the Seattle scene for their rambunctious performances and funny sensibility. Gazebos is the type of band that can make a statement and have an opinion while also maintaining a level of joy and a smart, witty sense of humor.



Frontwoman and lyricist Shannon Perry has a powerful, expressive voice that perfectly carries the loud, playful songs. The video we are debuting today, “I Don’t Want To Be Here,” is a push-back against the feminine ideals and values place on us by our families and society as a whole. The video leaps from set to set, costume to costume with Perry chain smoking and sticking it to the patriarchy throughout. It’s anxious and angry and sarcastic all in one song and the video plays up each of these with rapid costume changes and jump-cuts. 

Check out Die Alone out today at Hardly Art.



Images via Hardly Art

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