We have interrupted regularly scheduled programming to bring you this life-altering Fleetwood Mac remix, gifted to the world by their nostalgic EDM doppleganger Fleetmac Wood.

I know what you’re thinking: *groan* Why are we messing with the discography of this most sacred band? Why must we add bass to EVERYTHING, even Adele?! 


But before you pass judgment, I suggest you hit play. The London party series/re-edit project has been lovingly reimagining Fleetwood classics for years now, and those DJs know what they're doing. 

In this hour-long mix, produced for Fleetmac Wood's first party in 2012, you'll notice fabulously spacey, discotheque-ready takes on fan favorites like "Seven Wonders," "Dreams," "Rhiannon," "Gypsy," "Don't Stop," and "The Chain." With one song washing into the next, this will probably keep you twirling for quite a while. 


But whenever you regain composure, pause to admire this picture from Fleetmac Wood's instagram – they crafted a Stevie Nicks angel for the top of their Christmas tree! 

Screen Shot 2015 12 16 at 1.24.25 PM

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