Forget Kidz Bop 67. Throw out your Disney Channel Original Movie soundtracks. Rapper/DJ/musician extraordinaire Princess Superstar is making an album for kids.

Princess Superstar calls the album, “These are the Magic Days!” as “the revolution disguised as a kid’s record,” and she plans to give it away for free “to the children of the world.” The album is a sponsored projected of nonprofit arts service organization Fractured Atlas - with a fundraising page on Indiegogo - so you know your cash is going to a good cause.


The album comes from Princess Superstar’s own life: she’s the mom of a 4-year-old named Siren, and she is SICK of the music that’s currently being marketed to kids. “Most of my daughter's music that I am subjected to hurts my ears, especially on the ten thousandth listen,” she writes. “What if there could be a cool, funny, whip smart, deep, timeless record which taught parents and kids alike how to live in this insane world; how to be an awesome child (and parent); how to feel your feelings; connect with your child and teach them empathy and compassion; and how to ROCK? Well, great news! That's the record I am making.”

She plans to combine classic kids’ music like Free To Be….You And Me and Yellow Submarine with hip hop influences including Salt N Pepa and Biggie Smalls. “Don’t you want to hear both those things together on a record?” she asks. Um, YES.

Watch Princess Superstar’s video below or go to her Indiegogo page to learn more.


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Photos: Facebook/Princess Superstar

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