Put your dick in the air – it's the phrase that has everyone talking about singer-songwriter-producer, Peaches, again. 

If you're unfamiliar with Peaches, let's catch you up to speed: she is a Canadian musician notorious for raunchy lyrics including, "Fuck the pain away," and "We all want tush, if I'm wrong, impeach my bush." She also frequents headlines for her disregard towards gender norms, and like aforementioned, she's back at it for the first time since 2009. Her newest single, "Dick In the Air," can be heard below, and it is the JAM:



With the help of funny woman, Margaret Cho, and comedy website, Funny Or Die, Peaches puts together one hell of a hysterical music video. Nothing is uninhibited either -- both can be seen running through their town in fuzzy penis suits, mimicking sex with a watermelon, and taking mayonnaise to the face in the most sexually explicit way possible.

Though the video is meant to be funny, the underlying message is a serious one. Peaches highlights the problem when she says, "We stick our hands in the air and shake our asses like we don't care. We've been shaking our tits for years, so let's switch positions, no inhibitions." For ages and ages, women have been hyper sexualized in the music industry, best known for roles as "twerkers," or sex objects that hang naked from the ceiling. Peaches calls out men everywhere to put their dicks in the air to match the role women are used to portraying. 

Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Is it necessary? Most definitely. In any case, women like nudity too, and it's about time somebody asked men to show off their genitalia.