Aaliyah, R&B’s definitive female voice of the '90s, died tragically 14 years ago today. At only 22 years old, she had a double platinum album, many awards, the beginnings of an acting career, and the respect of everyone in the music industry for her immense talent. Though she is gone, she is far from forgotten.

To celebrate her legacy, here are five of her best music videos:


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1. "Rock The Boat"

Sensual and smooth, this song is a perfect example of Aaliyah's vocal ability. Scenes from the video were shot hours before she boarded the plane whose crash would prove fatal for her and eight others

Via AaliyahMusicVideo

2. " One In A Million"

It's hard to choose which is more iconic: the lyrics to this ballad or Aaliyah's untouchable style.

Via AaliyahMusicVideo

3. " Try Again"

Get motivated and "dust yourself off and try again." The dance moves in the video for this jam are infectious. 

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Via AaliyahMusicVideo

4. "The One I Gave My Heart To"

Singing the ultimate breakup song in the pouring rain? Aaliyah did it.

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5. "Are You That Somebody?"

A hawk, green eyeshadow, "Boy, I gotta watch my back cause I'm not just anybody,"... so much goodness packed into four minutes and thirty seconds.

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