Hurry Up
(Army of Bad Luck)

On their self-titled first album, Portland’s Hurry Up bring energy and musicianship to their refreshing take on Northwestern punk. The band includes Kathy Foster and Westin Glass from the Thermals and Maggie Vail of Bangs, all of whom have spent a decade-plus in the Pacific Northwest punk scene.

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 The production here is decidedly lo-fi, and that suits Hurry Up just fine—the tracks retain the energy of their live shows. You could almost sing along with “Kick Em Out,” if it didn’t hurtle forward at such a breakneck pace, while the charmingly named “Shit Or Fuck” is driven by guitar and girl gang vocals. For those looking for something new in female-driven punk rock, Hurry Up’s debut is a worthy introduction. —LIZ GALVAO

Hurry Up is available to purchase now via CASH Music!

LIZ GALVAO is the Music Editor at BUST Magazine. Her writing focuses on humor, feminism, and pop culture.

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