This guest post was written by Shannon Carlin.




California Nights
(Harvest Records)


The chord progressions are the same on Best Coast’s latest album, which, production-wise, falls somewhere between her perfectly flawed debut and its too pristine follow-up, but this time, Bethany Cosentino has more on her mind than just boys.

New Fall Issue d217c


“Sleep Won’t Ever Come” is her prayer for a good night’s rest and chance to turn off her brain, while “So” has her contemplating the meaning of life. Here, love is not just angsty, but a many-splendored thing—both the best medicine (“Feeling OK”) and bane of her existence (“Fine Without You”).


This generation’s finest bedroom poet has finally realized that beautiful things can come from the dark—even in California.—SHANNON CARLIN


California Nights is available now on iTunes!


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