Americans love creating holidays: Grandparents day, Groundhog day, Hellen Keller day... the list goes on. Excuses to celebrate are wonderful cultural exercises that unite everyone involved, and sometimes we even get the day off! Grandparents day isn’t typically a party that’s going to be poppin', but the Mayor of Boston just created an official holiday that is literally all about rocking your socks off. What marks the occasion? Our love for Kathleen Hanna! Mayor Marty Walsh has formally declared April 9th is “Riot Grrrl” Day!

Apparently Marty loves Bikini Kill and Le Tigre just as much as we do. The mayor’s policy advisor Joyce Linehan has been quoted in support of the holiday: “Our young women can’t be what they can’t see. Girls need to see other girls picking up drumsticks, basses, and microphones. They need to see other girls picking up paintbrushes and pens, and telling their stories. Loudly.”

To celebrate this radical day in history:


1. Turn up your speakers.

2. Forget about brushing your hair.

3. Make time to be creative.


4. Be unapologetically yourself.

5. Make NOISE.

Image via Emily Cheng

Bee Gray is a creative writer and essayist living in Oakland, California. She loves studying contemporary culture, media, and human behavior. She thinks life is art, she thinks women are art, she surrounds herself in goddesses, she can't stop talking. Follow her on Instagram @beesuschrist.