...And just when we thought Sleater-Kinney couldn’t get any cooler (ha, we didn’t actually think that) their latest project stars Bob Burger’s character, Tina Belcher rocking out to a “live” Sleater-Kinney in her very own bedroom.

To be honest, we’re jealous.


This animated video is a collaboration of epic proportions. Carrie, Corin, Janet and the animators behind the TV show, Bob’s Burgers put together this video clip showcasing “A New Wave” from their recent album, No Cities to Love. If you haven’t heard it yet, please stop wasting time, it’s insulting. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here and add, “being as cool as Sleater-Kinney and Tina Belcher” to your life goals list. 

images c/o youtube.com