This guest post was written by Sarah C. Jones.



(Polydor Records)

Fans of Björk know that the only thing predictable about her work is constant change. The Icelandic multi-instrumentalist’s last album, 2011’s Biophilia, was a conceptual (and somewhat bloodless) multimedia project, but Vulnicura is a deeply intimate chronicle of heartbreak.

Written in real time, these nine tracks detail an excruciating break-up with her longtime partner. Although it ends on a hopeful note, Vulnicura puts the listener through the emotional wringer—"Black Lake" in particular is a devastating listen.



Of course, it’s all done Björk-style, which means intellectually complex, musically innovative, and exquisitely produced songs. Vulnicura is honest, painful, and beautiful—a true masterpiece, and a highlight in Björk’s illustrious thirty-year career. —SARAH C. JONES

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Image via Bjork