It’s true. Cara Delevingne really is super human. Where she finds time to be a model, singer, actress, and everyday It Girl. 

In fact, Pharrell jut released a new song. What’s that? It features our wonder woman. Cara sings right along side the seasoned artist. Karl Lagerfeld directs the video for the historic design house of Chanel. The video will accompany other collections of art at the 2014/15 Métier d' Art show in Salzburg.


As the video’s title alludes, the stars are cast as Franz Josef 1st and his empress Elisabeth (nicknamed “Sisi”) reincarnated as staff members in an Austrian hotel.  The painted versions of the royalty come to life at night and dance the waltz amongst the empty hotel’s hallways.

 Cara Delevigne wearing a hoop and milkmaid braids? I’m in.

New Fall Issue d217c

 The song is simple and seems to repeat itself. Lucky for it Pharrell’s weird hand movements distract you from how much brainpower you’re using to take in Lagerfeld’s amazing set.

 The song  (which only has one verse repeated twice) sounds much better when sung by Nicole Kidman circa Moulin Rouge – oops, I mean Cara.

 At the end of the video Coco Chanel exits the elevator to find operator Pharrell looking fly. She instantly becomes inspired by his minimalist-chic work uniform and BAM! Chanel creates her iconic jacket inspired by the 1950’s working class! 


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