We are huge fans of Erykah Badu here at BUST, from her music, to her Twitter, and her adorable home videos with her family on Vine. In a new video she posted on Facebook this week, Erykah Badu sings "you don't have to try try try" with her daughters Puma and Mars. The original Colbie Caillat song, co-written by Babyface, is all about the pressures of being a woman and the importance of self-love and self-confidence. It sends the message to everyone that while you can put time, money, and effort into looking made-up and perfect all the time, that should be your choice, and not always a necessity. Less about "do they like you?" and more emphasis on "do YOU like you?" (which is all that matters, right?).
Watch the video below and you'll love Badu even more. (Bonus points to Badu's daughter for the One Direction shirt).
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Here is the original Colbie Caillat video:



Images courtesy of Facebook and Republic Records.