Still not sure about the technical differences between a remix and a rework, but Kanye has done the latter to Lorde’s first single off of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I soundtrack that she both contributed to and curated. The New Zealand teen’s sparky “Yellow Flicker Beat” that was released earlier this fall, has been reduced to “Flicker,” but the haunting synths are even more absorbing. I’d say it’s the culinary kind of reduction that makes a sauce thicker. Kanye’s influence is textural and atmospheric, not lyrical, so don’t wait around for him to rhyme something with flicker.



So, I like the reworked version better, but let’s have a vote? Keep in mind that any future collaborations between the two could be released under the moniker Our Lorde Yeezus.


Check out the video for the original single below (in which a dapper, pompadoured Lorde dances all her haters away). Opine via comments.


The full soundtrack will be released November 17 via Republic Records and will feature both versions of “Flicker” as well as tracks by Tove Lo, Grace Jones, Bat for Lashes, Charli XCX featuring Simon Le Bon, Major Lazer featuring Ariana Grande, and Stromae featuring Pusha T, Q-Tip, and Haim. The movie comes out November 21! I'd like to see it on Thanksgiving with the fam -- nothing like dystopian pie! 


Images and video via sonicmoremusic, LordeVEVO, okayplayer, Charles Howells