OK Go debuted a new video yesterday and it is just what should be expected of their dynamic and creative personalities. The four-some who formed in Chicago, shortly after moved to L.A., and have since created memorable videos and concert tours are gaining momentum again with their own record label Paracadute, and their new album Hungry Ghosts and especially for their new skillful video, “I Won’t Let You Down.”

The band shot the video in Japan and partnered with a number of skilled creatives to showcase, of course, the coordination of the band and of more than 2,000 others. In order to fund the video, OK Go worked with Honda and creative director Morihiro Harano. Through the expression of the Honda UNI-CUB scooter dancing, thousands of umbrellas, schoolgirls (choreographed by Airman), and a high tech customized camera, this video is by far the most detailed and precise of OK Go’s career so far. Although I can't say why the costuming for the dancers was chosen as "school girl," I feel I must admire them for their incredible skill as synchronized dancers. They are in fact, the most impressive human aspect of this video, and far outnumber the rest of the crew along with stealing the attention of the viewer (even while hidden under umbrellas). 



When asked on the Today show about how the band creates the videos, Damian Kulash answered, “usually people make films by thinking of the thing, and then making the thing. We think of the thing, then play with the thing for a month, and then make the thing. And by the end of that month, it’s always a wildly different thing than you would have started with.” It is easy to appreciate the pre-research and play that goes into their videos because without it, who knows if the optical illusions and treadmill dancing, and extreme umbrella coordination would exist on such a grand and public scale.


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It also isn’t a surprise that this album is being produced by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Weezer, MGMT) and Tony Hoffer (Beck, Phoenix, Foster The People) since the songs are still as high energy and dynamic as ever before. “I Won’t Let You Down,” may be the most catchy and pop-ish track on the record, but there is a lot more energy and power where that comes from. OK Go is lovable for their creative endeavors, their DIY sense of style, and boundaries these experiments and projects push. I hope they continue to create more with their hearts and souls! 


Keep an eye out for more projects and their tour coming up in March 2015 and watch the new video below. 

Photos c/o of Wikipedia, iTunes and OK Go.  

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