Zola Jesus has released another icy, magnetic track in anticipation of the October 7th release of her album TAIGA.


Mhmm, this one has been on repeat for me today. Zola Jesus describes "Go (Blank Sea)" as a reaction to the simultaneous isolation and saturation of city life: “All of the singularity rubs together to create a universal hum that can cancel us all out. It’s in the densest populations that I sometimes feel the most alone, and in barren uninhabited lands that I feel the most alive and human.” It’s in the anxiously deliberate pace of the song that the crystalline pop veneer slips - like walking through a crowd and experiencing the nearness of strangers, but through a pane, into a whole other chronology.

If you can tear yourself away from "Go (Blank Sea)", revisit the first single and video and start counting the days to the album release.

Image and audio via Mute.