CeeLo Green posted some VERY NOT OKAY tweets on Monday saying (according to him) “rape is not really rape.” These shocking statements, he said, were replies to Twitter users attacking him about his drug case this past Friday.





Green claims he may or may not have fed ecstasy to a woman after a dinner in 2012. The woman said she woke up naked in his bed with no recollection of what happened. While his attorney is arguing that the sex in question was consensual (I’d prefer to hear that from her), and while the court is currently only focusing on a drug charge, CeeLo has to change his ways before he can regain any trust from me or his fans. The judge is ordering him to a three-year probation (that includes drug and alcohol counseling) and 45 days of community service. It feels like an insufficient charge for someone who was bragging on Twitter days later about his “not-rape.” He is choosing to work with the MusiCares Foundation, a partner of the organization that presents the Grammy Awards. So, he’ll still be involved in the music world.


Three hours after the Twitter postings, the anti-sexism group UltraViolet put up a petition urging Time Warner to ban Green, and his new show The Good Life from being aired on TBS—the network agreed, and canceled the show! Huzahh! (the show was panned anyway)


I am not sure any apology, especially the oh-so-tactful one can make up for his creepy claims: “Let me 1st praise god for exoneration fairness & freedom! Secondly I sincerely apologize for my comments being taken so far out of context.” 

Sorry CeeLo, but Forget You! 

(Update: he is getting a bit better at apologizing:)



Images c/o omgLSP, CeeLo's Twitter, and weareultraviolet.org.