London's Fat White Family are a refreshingly unique band with a bratty name, one that might just keep the kind of people who would really like them from checking them out. Their newest release, Champagne Holocaust, isn’t a true new release—it previously existed on the band’s Bandcamp page, and has now been given an official CD release on Fat Possum Records.


That same freedom from convention can be found in Fat White Family’s music—simply put, they play whatever they feel like playing. Sometimes that's psychedelic rock, sometimes super-lo-fi country, sometimes weirdo-garage. With six guys in the band, there are a lot of different vocal techniques happening here, too. It's music for music's sake and doesn't try to adhere to a particular genre.


The highlight of the album is undoubtedly the opening track, "Auto Neutron." A droning, psychedelic tune reminiscent of The Doors' "End of the Night," the song sounds straight out of the ‘60s, drenched in reverb and organ and only missing Nag Champa and a bong. Indeed, the Fam' are at their best when they embrace their psychedelic and garage sides—whether they’re channeling a weirder Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on "Without Consent," or an early Thee Oh Sees on "Bomb Disneyland" and "Heaven on Earth."

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Overall, the Fat White Family have put out a pretty solid release. Skip over the lo-fi country-folk tracks "Who Shot Lee Oswald" and "Garden of the Numb," they slow the album down. The simplicity of one man with acoustic guitar and his voice isn't where this band's strengths lie, but the rest of the songs certainly warrant repeat listens. -Krystle Miller

Champagne Holocaust is out now on Fat Possum Records!

Image via Fat White Family.

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