Hilary Duff has new music and this is what dreams are made of! While you may have thought her music career was “so yesterday,” in the seven years since she’s produced an album she’s had babies, gotten a divorce and then there was that whole Aaron Carter still loving her thing (oh, brother). She’s been busy, okay?


And while her vocals on her new single “Chasing the Sun” sound a bit more like Paris Hilton’s than I can remember, I’m delightfully surprised with just how classically Hilary Duff this song and video are.

It’s cute, kid-friendly and has a dash of sexy, all while being funny in a rom-com sort of way. And while it’s no “With Love” (cause let’s be honest, that song GOOOOES), it’s cute and I won’t absolutely hate listening to it when I’m at line in Starbucks.