Jenny Lewis’ new album The Voyager dropped yesterday. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. We reported on the amazing moustache-filled cross-dressing wonderment that was her music video for “One of the Guys,” starring our ladyloves Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson, but the day is finally here. THE ALBUM HAS DROPPED.

Former Rilo Kiley front woman Jenny Lewis has produced her third solo album in six years — a perfectly polished musical scrapbook of her wayward adventures — and it is pure girl power.


I will be writing my first impressions to each song and jumping around my room in excitement.

“Head Underwater”

The song is literally about the magic within (at least I think). She performs this while wearing a rainbow suit…I’m not sure when Jenny Lewis turned into Rainbow Brite, but I seriously dig it.

“She’s Not Me”

This song is the musical equivalent of the hair-flip emoji. In a heart-breaking ditty about her boo finding a new boo, she goes in-depth about her relationship that fell apart. While I’d prefer it without the slut shaming, claiming that “she’s not me/she’s easy,” this song is a response to the relationship discussed in Rilo Kiley’s song “Does He Love You?”


“Just One of the Guys”

This song is really hard to listen to without imagining Anne Hathaway break-dancing with a rattail, however this song is still good by itself. I think it has great social commentary about the patriarchy in society, especially the expectation of women to have children, which is just so gross.


“Slippery Slopes”

This song reminds me of that time when you’re dating someone and the initial puppy love starts to fade and you’ve gone into a routine, but then something snaps and you remember why you love them, like actually love them, not just why being with them is convenient: “If it for just one second it helps us to remember that we like each other the most.”


“Late Bloomer”

The song tells a story of an angsty 16-year-old Jenny, and the people she encountered in Paris. Not sure if any of it is real, but it makes me want to twirl around in an open field in a maxi dress with flowers in my hair.



“You Can’t Outrun ‘Em”

Jenny Lewis must’ve recorded this song wearing cowgirl boots, cause this has the craziest, most awesome western vibe to it. All the harmonies too, ugh, yes, this song makes me feel like I’m running from bad guys with my best friend in a blue convertible Thelma & Louise style.

“The New You”

This just reminds me of my teen days sitting on the curb right outside your house, having one of those mini-existential crises. And I’ll totes listen to this when I’m sad. I am a new me everyday dammit.


“Aloha & The Three Johns”

Oh yeah, surf-rock feels. Who is she, BEST COAST?! I love both of them a lot so this is a dream. This song is so cute and has totally lemonade, summer-feels. It's got lyrics like “Is this the beginning of our vacation/Or is this the end of our relationship?" aka the eternal questions when traveling to Hawaii for vacation.


“Love U Forever”

This is like a super cute wedding song that doesn’t make me want to vomit. Plus what a nice response to Rilo Kiley’s “Silver Lining” music video where she was left at the alter, now she’s finally getting married (in song form!). And it's so cute I wanna die.


“The Voyager”

The title track. Let’s just say it’s the title track for a reason.

This album as a whole was kind of a teen-girl dream. The production quality was very high, and there was variety of layered background instruments and vocals that lead to each track being dynamically different.

This will be my soundtrack for the rest of 2014. What do you think of her latest album? And here’s a link to a BUST nameplate necklace cause Carrie Bradshaw and Jenny Lewis rock ones like these, so you should too. 

Photo credit: Pitchfork


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