Need to update your summer playlist? Just look to Got A Girl’s “There’s a Revolution” - no, but really. It sounds like the song for a “summer montage” in a film where everyone would be licking pink lollipops on the beach and batting around rainbow beach balls. 

Their soundtrack vibe may be due to the fact that the duo met while filming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (aka THE Ramona Flowers) met Dan “The Automator” Nakamura, who wrote original songs for the film.


They shared a passion for “60s French pop” and “lush arrangements”, which totally shows in the track and definitely makes good for some ridiculous dancing around (which I may or may not have done last night while listening to it.) 

It's to be determined if their take on old school gender roles is super serious, because a few of their promos and music videos suggest otherwise: 

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Listen to the track on Soundcloud and get ready for their debut LP, I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now. While you’re at it, check out their website - they have an array of  French-inspired, James Bond-y videos and products as well (which may or may not be a joke - jury’s still out on that one). Until then, summer jam on with this track and share your thoughts in the comments below! 


Images via Got a Girl and Spin

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