I’ve been pretty angry over the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and I’m not alone. It seems like every time I refresh my Facebook news feed, there’s a new article describing how unjust the ruling was or personal stories of women that can be affected by this decision. 

Today, I was instead treated to the song form of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 35-page dissent of the anti-contraception decision. The tune is pretty awesome. And cute. Or trivializing? I’m still unsure.


The video comes from Jonathan Mann, a YouTuber who has been recording a “song a day” since January, 2009. You may recognize him from “We’ve Got to Break Up”, a video from the former couple that announced their breakup to their friends and family that went viral.  

With that context, it makes sense why he would sing Ginsburg’s rebuttal of the decision - it was relevant to that day and trending on social media, so he sang about it.

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I like the idea of it and the chorus is pretty catchy. I feel like if I had kids, this would definitely be a car ride sing-along. Never too early to be informed about women’s rights and the American judicial system, right? HOr maybe next time I’m home, I’ll innocently play it in the car with my parents, who will then hopefully be more on board with Ginsburg via the power of song. 

But at the same, is it too early to make light of the decision? Or is it just a clever angle? Jam along with Mann’s rendition of the dissent and share your thoughts in the comments!


Images via breitbart.com, law.georgetown.edu

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