Some say that Lizzo is the greatest word-play rapper since the heyday of hip-hop. The Houston-bred, Minneapolis-based emcee is taking the world by storm with her clever raps and impeccable flow.

After the release of LIZZOBANGERS (on label Totally Gross National Product) in 2013, she has been releasing music videos and getting ready for some live performances (she’s performing at Glastonbury among other festivals and shows).


She just released some more U.S. tour dates with Clean Bandit as they collaborated on a song together – New Eyes, off an album of the same name. The emcee extraordinaire also released a video for “Bus Passes and Happy Meals” and it’s definitely one of the most eccentric music videos I’ve seen in a while. The colorful vid features Ms. Lizzo (duh), street dancer Lil Buck, and a tiger. She’s burying us alive.


Lizzo is also a founding member of the groups The Chalice, Grrrl Prty, and Tha Clerb.

Be on the lookout for her next project and tell me what you think of the video in the comments below. 


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