The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger is the love child of beautiful duo Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl. GOASTT brings together free flowing hippie vibes and cult-ish beauty in their new video “Animals,” a song off their upcoming album Midnight Sun (out 4/29). Although the video features heavy-handed trippy editing and weird 60’s revival aesthetics, it works perfectly with the band's psychedelic sound.


Muhl told Stereogum,“It’s a loving spoof of the Source Family, that infamous ’60s cult of polygamous vegetarian hippies. We shot it on 35 millimeter and were inspired by the surrealist aesthetics of Jowdorowsky and Kenneth Anger.” This explanation lines up perfectly with the Source Family cult sing-along music video. I really admire the growing aesthetic of this duo and look forward to more releases as the new record approaches. Sean and Charlotte have come along way since the last time BUST featured ‘em and we look forward to their building momentum.


There is no denying the stunning beauty and talent of these two musicians and lovers as they twirl about in chiffon and lead a group of loyal followers through a freaky ritual. The surrealist aesthetic (also, loads of nudity and freaky masks) paired with Lennon’s crooning voice and super layered sounds makes me really excited to hear what’s lined up for Midnight Sun later this month.  


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