Reformed Whores Say Birth Control is No Joke

If you ever needed a country music video to give you a reason to take birth control, look no further. Country/Comedy duo Reformed Whores (Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame) released a hilarious music video to remind us girls that our reproductive rights are important, especially to stave off all those creepy baby dolls. Belting out reasons like “I know the pill makes me fat, with a baby I’d be twice the size of that,” Reformed Whores unapologetically defend the pill with some sardonic wit.

These two southern belles are supported by the sweet strums of ukulele as they tell their audience that even though they are very ready for sex, that doesn't mean they are ready for a baby. Amen to that! It’s a funny take on reproductive rights, but it's also an important contribution to the mosaic of statements defending the power and practicality of the pill. 


Reformed Whores will be touring throughout April in New York City, so be sure to check them out for more feminist hits like “Girls Poop Too” and “Douchebags” from their album, Ladies Don’t Spit


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