The indie rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Young Rival has released the very first random dot autostereogram music video for their single Black Is Good. In other words, it’s the first damn Magic Eye music video ever, and it just blew my mind!

I finally gave it a view this morning, and trust me, I totally realize how silly I must have looked sitting in the office staring intensely at the snowy screen of my computer.


But just like all those cross-eyed hours we spent in the 90’s staring at the iconic Magic Eye books, I promise you that when the blurry colours of this video finally morph into the visual illusion of a three-dimensional and recognizable image you will reminisce in that all too familiar feeling of success. A success like none other. I dare you to just try and not shout “I SEE IT” when the images begin to appear. See what you will, but I’m convinced there’s a teapot surrounded by dancing cats. I’m hooked; what about you?


Well, there goes the rest of my work day. If you want me, I’ll be watching this video on repeat.

Thanks to YouTube & Young Rival

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