After playing with the Pixies for 25 years, bassist Kim Deal called it quits in June of this year. Her replacement, Kim Shattuck, is lead singer and guitarist of The Muffs, and previous member of The Pandoras. Recently, Shattuck was reportedly "let go without explanation" from the group earlier this month. Why you would ever give up the magic of Kim Shattuck? Who knows! Not even Kim Shattuck

Now, The Pixies are hopefully going to break the Kim Kurse with the latest addition to the group: Paz Lenchantin. Lenchantin, who taught herself to play guitar at the age of twelve, is a member of the Entrance Band and has performed with Queens of the Stone Age and a Perfect Circle. She has also contributed strings and piano to Jenny Lewis's solo album Acid Tongue. If you haven't heard of her before, get hip, because she is oh so radical.


Lenchantin will be playing bass with the Pixies on their upcoming 2014 tour. David Lovering, the band's drummer, has said "we're really looking forward to playing with her on these dates." We couldn't be more stoked to see her, either!



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Image via Luna Guitars