Annie Lennox has made it a point throughout her long career with the Eurythmics and as a solo artist never to compromise herself or her integrity. And she’s succeeded. In discussion with BBC News on her recent music industry trust award, she discusses her own personal journey, women in pop, and growing up. 



As she receives recognition for charity work and her innovations in British music, her face wells with emotion, and she tells interviewers, “I feel alive.” She explains seeing her “life flash in front of” her eyes, and it clear that she’s moved in no small part because of what it means for the industry to recognize an older woman. 



She explains that “pop music has always been about youth and beauty” but that these is a standard only applied to women: “I see a lot of older guys [...] still on stage.” She hopes her award “will be encouraging for young female artists to see that you can still be relevant and be here and creative when you’re your mother’s age.” Annie Lennox, you are truly an inspiration, and we hope to see you on stage for decades to come! Watch the amazing artist below. 


Thanks to BBC News

Image via BBC News

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