How's your Halloween going? Have you carved all of the pumpkins? Have you worn your "Sexy Chucky from Child's Play" costume once already so it's kind of tattered but it'll still look so great in a dimly-lit room full of tipsy people? Are your apples bobbed and your candies corned? Cool, me too! 

Listen to this mix as you prep for our national day of cosplay and lighthearted faux paganism—they're the sort of moody-spooky-sexy jams that the Lost Boys would love and the Cullens wouldn't be cool enough for. 


Click here for the Spotify mix, and here's the track list. You can also take a listen here. Happy Halloween!

New Fall Issue d217c


  1. It Only Takes One Night - Dum Dum Girls
  2. Nefarious - Spoon
  3. Wicked Game - Widowspeak
  4. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) - David Bowie and Giorgio Moroder
  5. Outta Mind - Night Beats
  6. Beat and the Pulse - Austra
  7. Cry Little Sister (Theme from Lost Boys) - Gerard McMann
  8. Weregild - Grimes
  9. Bad Ritual - Timber Timbre
  10. Spellbound - Siouxsie and the Banshees
  11. Drain You - Nirvana
  12. I Wrote in Blood - Still Corners
  13. Black Hills - Gardens & Villa


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