Y’all, this music video is seriously the best. Combining sick fashion, sleek motorcycles, gay pride, a literally buttered-up man, and DONUTS (!!), up and coming artist Lizzo creates the perfect visual accompaniment to “Batches & Cookies,” the first single of her new album LIZZOBANGERS. As she rides around the streets of Minneapolis with Sophia Eris (the track’s featured artist), Lizzo projects an image of cool confidence and orginality, perfectly embodying the heart of her music, which explores a variety of new styles and shows off daringly creative beats.

LIZZOBANGERS, which will be released October 15th on Totally Gross National Product, was creatively overseen by Ryan Olson of Gayngs and Poliça fame (and awesomeness), making everything about the upcoming album even better.


Check out the music video below:


Thanks to YouTube and Totally Gross National Product

Image via Lizzo's Page at Totally Gross National Product.