Although Electric Order is only four songs long, it feels like it could be a full album. That’s because Atomic Bride takes you on a rollercoaster of super high energy garage rock with fun pop hooks mixed in for good measure. On this EP, the Seattleites create a weird blend of wild psychedelia fully charged with fuzzy electricity. 


During leading track “Electric Order” you’ll undergo alien abduction and like it, as dual vocalists Astra Elane and Chris Cool cosmically chant, “Now you are bound by electric order!” like some strange celestial beings. Surfy guitars and trippy, heavy bass lines take you on an industrial, acid-infused adventure on “Americium 241,” a track that’s not your high school teacher’s chemistry lesson. “We’ve Got Muscle” elicits eye-popping freak-outs with its grungy, violent take on doo wop group The Crystal’s hit single “Da Doo Ron Ron.” Atomic Bride finishes off their release with the fierce “Angel of Hell,” where Elane squeals her way through the brash biker anthem in the vein of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O. 


Although the EP is a little cheesy at times, Electric Order will make you wish you were in a grimy basement shouting along with Elane and Cool, as they've got an intensity that explodes out of whatever speakers you may be using to listen.

Electric Order is due out September 17th so keep your ears peeled for that ish. And if you live 'round Seattle, get down to Comet Tavern on September 14th to see Atomic Bride put on a raucous live show.

Photos via Riot Act Media