Heads up, sun-drenched, mason-jar-drinking, fishtail-braid-wearin’ lovelies: Brooklyn singer/songwriter Gina Cimmelli has a new tune out for your aural pleasure. “Like I Did” comes off her forthcoming EP “Summer Singles,” and packs a serious sonic punch. Cimmelli’s music echoes the stylings of Leslie Feist and June Carter, with the vocal power and angst of a female Conor Oberst.

“Like I Did” laments a lost love who refuses to be forgotten, despite how much it should be. It’s anchored by a resonant bass line and Cimmelli’s sweetly affecting harmonies, surrounded by a dissonant guitar chord that echoes Cimmelli’s frustration at a love that just won’t go away. Weirdly, it blended perfectly into the beginning of Sunset Rubdown’s “Shut Up I Am Dreaming,” which my iTunes, for unknown reasons, put on next.


But don’t just take my word for it; listen to “Like I Did” on SoundCloud below and download for free by following the link.



Also watch this short film by Free People, “Neighbors,” featuring Cimmelli's track "Don't Be Mad" and starring Daisy Lowe as a lady who realizes that the best place to find love is at home.

Photo via Cimelli's website