Upon first listen to Cool Breeze Over the Mountains, you'd be pretty surprised to think that Spaceships is only made up of the two L.A. dwellers, Jessie Waite and Kevin LaRose. The duo manage to make the 9-track album sound louder, fuller, and radder than you'd ever expect from a two-piece. Waite and LaRose do it all themselves and do a damn good job of it. Drawing from fellow Californian punks The Muffs, the super duper lo-fi songs make for a quintessential bedroom rock 'n' roll record. Waite's versatile vocals are sometimes bored but she can flip it on like a light switch. She does it best on the energetic, fuzzy "Snow Mountain," a defiant, melodic punk track. Although the entire album is about the band members' break-up from each other, they still manage to keep things fun, like on "Dreams" ("I had a dream that I had an invisible spacecraft"), with garage-y riffs in the vein of The Breeders. "Ghost" is a noisy jam with pop hooks and upbeat shout-singing to boot. Sometimes the songs blend together or go on for a bit too long, but Cool Breeze Over the Mountains is still outta this world. (You knew it was coming.)


Cool Breeze Over the Mountains is out today on Mock Records! Grab your copy here!

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