Justin Timberlake's New Video is 7 minutes in Hell

When I first peeked at JT’s new video on Youtube the first two comments for “Tunnel Vision” were “This porn has good music” followed by “It’s not porn, it’s art.” 

Let me save you a little bit of time: it’s neither.


What it is, in fact, is Justin Timberlake being totally gross and weird for waaaay too long, in ways I never thought was possible. It makes Dick-in-a-Box look dignified.

Women crawling around in smoke, ribs jutting out, convulsing in ways that I guess are supposed to be sexy but personally give me weird Exorcist flashbacks. Then they turn each girl into a human screen, projecting images of his face all over their breasts. And that line just made me vomit in my mouth a little.

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And it goes on like this…for 7 minutes. Halfway through they bring in some neon, but that’s pretty much the entire video. Justin, btw, is fully clothed.

This isn’t art.  It’s hardcore, in-your-face sexual objectification. 

And what’s more upsetting to me is that Justin Timberlake is resorting to taboo gimmicks AND making me feel really uncomfortable. Justin, why have you forsaken me?

You can watch the whole mess below, and let us know if you think it's genuinely artistic, sexy, or thoroughly creepy. 

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