Flavorwire has posted an amazing list of the Baddest Girl Gangs on Film, and it's making me want to slap on my Doc Martens, pop the biggest bowl of popcorn ever, and watch every single one of the flicks they reference. No boys allowed… or ELSE.


Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is one of my absolute favorites on the list--it'll inspire you to buy a dangerously fast car and get rid of anybody who's ever wronged you. Tura Satana (those bangs!) is my spirit animal now and forever more.


Heathers is, of course, also seriously fierce. I mean, what is Heather’s damage? This classic 80s film is packed with hilarious dialogue and tour-de-force teen performances. If Veronica’s clique isn’t a girl gang, I don’t know what is.


Check out the slideshow for more awesome flicks (including The Craft, Jawbreaker, and lesser-known cult movies like Switchblade Sisters) that make the ever-delightful Mean Girls look tame.

Images via Flavorwire


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