Never met a female cabbie in NYC before?  Neither had filmmaker Diana Diroy before she started her short documentary ‘What’s A Girl Doing Here?’. This is no surprise, since out of the 46,000 cab drivers working in NYC, only 170 are female. 'What's A Girl Doing Here?', follows the story of two female cabbies in the NYC area juggling their strenuous jobs and their every day lives. Diroy rides along with these extraordinary women for their 12-hour shifts, documenting the grueling, exciting, and dangerous world of working as a female cab driver in NYC. Though this documentary is mostly a slice-of-life sort of piece, it is incredibly interesting and definitely worth a watch. Check it out here: 


"What's a girl doing here?" from Narratively on Vimeo.


For more information, read the fully article on the Mary Sue.


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