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Calling all Wes Anderson junkies: if you haven't already feasted your eyes upon the new trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, it's about time that you do. Set in 1965, the story follows Suzy and Sam, two New England preteens who fall in love and run away together. After a wave of panic washes over the town, the local sheriff enlists the help of an eclectic yet endearing group of boy scouts in search of the runaways. At some point, the sublime Bill Murray is half-naked with a gun. Classic Wes Anderson. 

I usually await Wes Anderson films the way Anna Wintour awaits the fall Prada collection. What's particularly exciting about Moonrise Kingdom  is the fact that audiences will get to see a more playful and animated side of Anderson's directing style. While the baller cast (uber-skilled Edward Norton and brilliant goddess Tilda Swinton) certainly heightens the film's appeal, it's the whimsical aesthetic of Kingdom that's got me in an anticipatory frenzy. Entertainment Weekly suggested that after 2009's Fantastic Mr. Fox, "Anderson was inspired by the notion of trying to make an 'animated' film using live action."  That may be so, but the film also looks like Anderson was inspired by the Instamatic photographs of his childhood, filled with nostalgic props from the pre-disco era. The result of Anderson's inspirations is a world that looks both familiar and enchanting. Moonrise Kingdom hits theaters May 25, 2012.


Check out the trailer here:

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