One of the founding ladies of Riot Grrrl is getting a documentary all to herself, but it's running into a serious problem. In fact, you may not even get a chance to see it. That is  unless you help the director, Sini Anderson, and her crew out. With 28 days left, they need all the help they can get to get the movie finished or it just won't happen.

"In a feat nothing short of miraculous, we have managed to complete shooting for The Punk Singer with almost no significant funding.  Using all of my personal savings, the pro bono work of an immensely talented crew of people, and a lot of magic, we now have a bounty of stunning footage and are ready to enter the editing phase.  Unfortunately, the buck stops here. Or rather, the zero bucks stop us here." 

With only 3% of their budget acquired--yes, you read that right, only 3%--they managed to get all the production done, but now are pressed for time in their editing process.

"We have managed to land a 16-week allowance of time at a post-production facility, but the clock is ticking. Unlike the production phase, where we made a beautiful film with mostly magic instead of money, we cannot squeak by without at least part of our budget in the editing process. So here we are, trying to raise the bare-bones editing budget on Kickstarter."

You can view the Kickstarter page here, to find out how you can donate (with a bunch of nifty benefits depending on how much you can give) and watch a video featuring the director and Kathleen Hanna talking about the project.


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