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Tired of the same ole, same ole? So is The Light Leaks. Founded by Kim Hoyos, The Light Leaks are the new voices in the film industry — a community of writers, thinkers, creators, and unheard voices disrupting the mundane and often exclusionary film industry by creating a space to spotlight, educate, and provide support for female identifying and non-binary filmmakers.

“Light leaks are usually seen as bright, beautiful mistakes in a photo that disrupt the image. We are bright and beautiful and disruptive, but not mistakes. Working off of the noted 'Shine Theory' we aim to create a space to spotlight, educate, and provide support for female identifying and non binary filmmakers,” they write.


Join them for their very FIRST event, “Lens Flare,” in which they'll screen shorts, web episodes, trailers, and other video content. Enjoy a night of film, conversation, and networking hosted at the New Women Space at 188 Woodpoint Rd. in Brooklyn at 7pm, Thursday, August 24th. The event is FREE, with fun giveaways, non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase, and also tasty treats from Flour Power.

If you cannot make it out to the event, please still feel free to support The Light Leaks in any way. Check out and follow The Light Leaks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if you can make it, you can RSVP on Facebook here.

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Top Image Credit: The Light Leaks


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