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Hello, yes, do you know about this new movie Patti Cake$? You should. 


Patricia (AKA Patti Cake$) is an aspiring rapper from New Jersey who wants to show the world the boss bitch she knows she is. Armed with her clever writing ability, rapping skillz, and the support of her friends and grandma, Patti aims leave her impoverished life for a more glamorous one. 

Is this the next "mom's spaghetti" movie?? But with a lady?! We hope so!

Danielle Macdonald is an Austrailian actress and is bringing Killa P to life. She had to learn how to rap and speak with a Jersey accent, and was successful in doing so thanks to her coach Skyzoo. She toldThe New York Times about her character, saying, "Her heart I understood. Her soul I understood. Her passions, her needs — I got those. I could relate to Patti on the inside, so it was doable."


The Sundance Film Festival movie sold to Fox Searchlight, according to Variety, and is scheduled to release August 18, 2017 AND WE CAN'T WAIT. 

Photo and trailer from Patti Cake$

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