grey_gardens.jpg"Grey Gardens is oozing with romance, ghosts, and other things."

According to Forbes Magazine, 3 West End Road — perhaps the most storied home in East Hampton — just hit the market for $19.995m. Adjacent to Georgia Beach, the mansion property famously belonged to "Big" and "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, the aunt and first cousin, respectively, of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, by Albert and David Maysles, produced an image of 3 West End Road as at once dilapidated and opulent, and of the Bouvier Beales as eccentric others, with paradoxically aristocratic, received attitudes. The portrait is both hilarious and tragic. 

After Jackie Kennedy and sister Lee Radziwill donated funds to maintain the house, it was sold in 1979 to Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee, journalist and editor of the Washington Post.


Now, instead of a raccoon infestation and partially dirt floor, the home's "best costume for the day" includes a three-story house on approximately 1.7 acres, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.  



Top photo: Grey Gardens


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