Courtney has joined Lifetime to star as Kitty Menendez in the new Lifetime movie about the infamous Menendez brothers' 1989 murder of their parents.

ABC News says the story had “all the ingredients” to be named the crime of the century: “a murder in Beverly Hills,” which “averages about 2 murders a year." The Menendez family consisted of Jose Menendez, a Cuban immigrant who “made good becoming a corporate chief on both coasts"; the golden-haired Kitty, “an all-American wife and mom"; and the two sons, Eric and Lyle, who were “young good looking, out-going, star tennis players.”


After spending their inheritances, Erik confessed to his therapist that he and his brother had murdered their parents, and the two were arrested in March 1990.

During their trial, the brothers testified that the murders were driven by a lifetime of sexual abuse by their father as Kitty looked the other way.

Courtney embodies Kitty's iconic blonde-haired, long-legged look, and also carries a mystery and darkness that will lend itself to this role.

Perhaps that is why producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato secured her casting before any of other roles, including the brothers.


The movie comes after a recent increase in popular fascination with true crime stories and the re-enactment of late 20th century cases such as the O.J. Simpson trial.

Like Courtney, the '90s are back in all sorts of ways.

Top photo by Amber Gray, from BUST's June/July 2013 issue

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