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“Then Sigmund Freud, the Number One enemy of the clitoris, invented the concept of the vaginal orgasm and decreed that a mature woman must find her pleasure exclusively through penetration. Thus began a wave of clitorial obscurantism.”

Ah yes, the clitoris. Perhaps the most misunderstood part of female genitalia. Over the years, the clitoris has been the subject of numerous (mostly male-dominated) debates over its purpose and is usually kept out of conversations about orgasm and sexual health.


Lori Malépart-Traversy, a Québécois animator, has decided to take the clitoris into her own hands, and finally tell the story this sexual organ deserves.

Entirely hand-drawn and absolutely adorable, Le Clitoris is not only funny but extremely informative. Lori unpacks the little-known history of the clitoris in order to, as she explains on the film’s website, "demystify female sexuality...its role in female orgasm and its function as a tool of empowerment for women.”

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The clitoris has had a very sexist history. It’s an organ designed purely for pleasure, and the male doctors who supposedly “discovered” it weren’t too happy about that — we’re looking at you, Freud.

The clitoris has been cut out of the female orgasm for far too long. Many of its anatomical complexities (for instance, entire clitorial structure — both internal and external — measures about the same size as a penis) have remained obscure. We all need to start educating ourselves on the clitoris, and this documentary is here to end the mystery.

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Le Clitoris showed at several film festivals in Canada, and the complete documentary will be available on Lori’s website once these showings are over. The narration is in French, but don't fret, there are English subtitles.


Watch the trailer below:

Le clitoris - Animated Documentary Trailer (2016) from Lori Malépart-Traversy on Vimeo.

Photos via Tumblr 

This was published September 23, 2016

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