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As you probably know by now, we're very excited over here for the upcoming release of the film, Absolutely Fabulous. While the movie is still not due out for a few more weeks on July 22nd, we've brought you the movie's trailer and now we're bringing you a look at the fashionistas featured in the movie. 

For a little refresher for the BUSTies who are less familiar with the hilarious duo of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, Absolutely Fabulous was initially a British TV series that ran from 1992-1995. Lucky for us, especially us younger millennials who may not have been around to see the original, these two divas are back at it for their 2016 flick.


Need more reason to love them? The show has been coined by some as being the "gayest show of all time." They even led the Pride in London Parade this past weekend -- look at their fab float!

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From Kate Moss to Stella McCartney, this movie is chock full of the UK's biggest fashion names, but it's all in good fun — Edina and Patsy remind us how absolutely freakin' ridiculous the fashion industry can be. Hijinks inevitably ensue with this pair as they navigate the fabulous life of UK luxury, which is sure to have us snort-laughing all over our faux Kate Spade merch back in the U.S. 


Just to hype you up even more for the July premiere (under a month away!), we've got your fashion fix with Edina, Patsy, and many more below:

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