Darby Forever

BUST covergirl, SNL cast member and generally dazzling human Aidy Bryant’s new short film Darby Forever is out today on Vimeo. The short chronicles a week in the life of Darby, a crafty, imaginative, if-not slightly socially awkward clerk at the Bobbins & Notions fabric store. 

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When talking about the experience she had shooting the film in L.A. in her cover story, Bryant told BUST, “I just couldn’t stop crying. I was just, like, lightly crying every hour and half basically.” And when you watch it you will see why. It is hilarious and clever but also very touching. Definitely a more emotional and nuanced role than you may be used to from the gregarious character you see on SNL. It is easy to get attached to the often tongue-tied woman with a musical fantasy life, envisioning herself fronting a badass lady rock group and one-day having the perfect daughter. In her "real" life she is seeking the respect of her boss as played by Retta of Parks and Rec, and the love of hunky water delivery man, Nick (Luka Jones.)  

Aidy Bryant badass

This short movie is for anyone who has been made to feel uncool by a group of leather-wearing wannabes, made a joke that didn’t quite land, or never got over being mad about that one girl who didn’t sign your yearbook senior year. It is pink and glittery and so, so, so loveable— I couldn’t stop from “aww”ing and giggling while watching in the BUST office. When it was over I was tempted to just hit repeat, and I would have if I didn’t have to write this review.

Please, Aidy never stop being you and thank you for introducing me to Darby, she is truly great.

Everyone just go to Vimeo right now and watch it, you can thank me later.


Darby Forever from Aidy Bryant on Vimeo.

Images via Vimeo


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