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As part of BAMcinématek, BAM (the Brooklyn Academy of Music) has put together a film series called Witches Brew, which will run February 16th through the 29th. This series will mark the release of Robert Eggers’s The Witch.

Since witches are symbols for “empowered, unconstrained womanhood,” BUST was excited to team up with BAM for this witchy watch-a-ton. We’re giving away tickets to the showing of Hocus Pocus, Häxan, and The Craft. It's a great opportunity to revisit your old favorite witchy women or discover these fun and freaky films for the first time. 

Hocus Pocus



The Craft

There will be 3 winners (1 for each movie), and each winner will recieve 2 tickets. The giveaway is on now until Friday, Februray 12th at noon. 

To enter, you can either comment on this post with the name of the movie you'd like to see, or retweet the article on Twitter, also with the name of the movie you'd like to see. You must provide your own transportation.

Good luck and let the games begin!


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