Aidy Bryant

Vimeo is launching a new initiative to help female directors get their work out to the public, starting with Darby Forever, a film written, directed and starring BUST covergirl Aidy Bryant. Share the Screen is a program devoted to funded projects by female directors that would otherwise never get to the public because of large studio’s lack of faith in lady filmmakers.

In 2015, women made up only 19% of the filmmakers behind the 250 top grossing movies, according a study sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Film and Television at San Diego State University. Vimeo CEO Terry Trainor says the amount Vimeo is willing to invest in female filmmakers is “uncapped” and they plan to produce at least five of these projects a year. Share the Screen will be used to fund not only films but also web series and episodic projects.

Aidy Bryant badassSNL star and BUST covergirl Aidy Bryant is the first lady filmmaker to be supported by Share the Screen.


Vimeo plans to down the road fund and projects by people from many diverse backgrounds and ethnicities through Share the Screen. The first Share the Screen movie, Darby Forever will be released February 18. Watch the trailer below!



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