Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson are going to teach us How To Be Single in February 2016 with this new flick about living the single-gal life in New York City. The film also stars Alison Brie and Leslie Mann, and is centered around living life while unattached. From hooking up to texting with emojis the plot looks like it centers around Alice (Johnson) in post-breakup mode, with Robin (Wilson) educating her friend in the art of being single. 


*Pause to rock out to "Boys Wanna Be Her," by Peaches.*

"The thing about being single is, we should cherish it," Alice says at the end of the trailer. That's a little cheesy, but as a single girl in New York City, I totally agree. Not sure if I agree with paying for drugstore items by flashing some boob, but being single is pretty great, and I'm excited to see this movie that celebrates it. 

With four white women at the center of the film, it doesn't look like it is exactly winning for diversity, but at least this Valentine's Day there is a fun film for the single ladies to enjoy. Can't wait to sneak some wine into the theater for this one! 


Photo via IMDB. 

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