What. What. WHAT. Laverne Cox will play Frank-N-Furter, the sexually intoxicating and incredibly bizarre alien, in the new live TV production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. We are beyond pumped.

Before all the diehard Tim Curry fans get up on their high horse to tell us that nobody can do the role like he did, let us remind you all: Hollywood has a long,  history of casting straight, cis talent to play LGBT characters; one of the latest examples is Elle Fanning playing a teenage trans-boy in About Ray. Frank-N-Furter is a sexually ambiguous and definitely not heteronormative or cisgender character. Who could possibly be a better fit for Frank-N-Furter than an incredibly talented transgender actress who has the look, the talent, and the “no fucks given” confidence that is so critical to the role?


She’s not going to redo Tim Curry’s work or emulate his Frank-N-Furter. She’s going to take the classic role and make it uniquely her own and we are confident she will rock it like she rocks everything else she does.


Airing on Fox next fall, this production will be directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega and he, Gail Berman, and Lou Adler will produce it.



Images via Bust Magazine 

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