Transgender lives are rising to the forefront in mainstream media. A new film starring Elle Fanning, titled About Ray, continues this trend.

The film explores a family’s dramatic journey as daughter Ramona, played by Elle Fanning, begins the process of transitioning to Ray. About Ray does not just focus on Ray’s personal journey. It takes a deep look at how Ray’s mother (Naomi Watts), father (Tate Donovan), and grandmother (Susan Sarandon) are impacted by Ray’s identity. Even after Ray has discovered who he truly is, he must seek understanding from his family, which is another great challenge.


The film is directed by Gaby DellalThe screenplay was written by Dellal and Nikole Beckwith. About Ray comes to theaters on September 18. We’re excited to see another emotional and realistic look at the lives of transgender youth.

Check out the newly released trailer here:



Via Vanity Fair

Image via collider


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